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UTSG vs UW ?

A photo of unibro15 unibro15
Just wanted to ask which university had the better reputation, better social scene and more friendly professors. By the way I've applied for Math at WAterloo and the Math and Physical Sciences program at UTSG, which I just got accepted too today. I'll be living on REs if I go to Waterloo, but commuting by GO bus to UTSG. Input ?
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A photo of Sheldore Sheldore
This is a tough battle but I think Waterloo has the better social scene, I have a few friends there who actually like it, and plus Waterloo isn't a major commuter school so it's easier to make friends and join clubs, etc... U of T on the other hand is a majority commuter school and commuting is a drag. I recommend you go to Waterloo and live on campus, unless money is a big issue.
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