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A photo of Justin604 Justin604
Hey everybody just had a question; I recently tried to apply to UVIC through PASBC. I didn't get any thing asking for a payment and I didn't get an email providing me with further steps. Do you know if thats normal and they're just a bit slow or did I do something wrong ?


p.s. Anybody know of UVICs Kinesiology program? It's a second-year entry program?
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A photo of Zion Zion
A fellow Abby kid. :batman:

I didn't apply to UVic but I did use PASBC and I think it's pretty weird that you never had to pay for your application and didn't get any sort of confirmation. I'd log into your PASBC account and see if you can find any evidence of your application going through.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Or you can just go on the UVic website and apply directly through their site.
I never went on PASBC to apply for anythingggg.
If it leads you right back to the PASBC website, contact UVic and ask them.

PS. Hi, neighbours. I'm not too far away from you guys. ;)
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