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I am new to this forum and would like some information from any one who has applied or is in the uvic commerce program. Basically I would like to see how other people formated their part 2 of their applications ( written part). I am not sure how exactly I should do it and if you can give me any tips that would be awesome. Also for people who did apply for next year or people who got in a year ago or so what was your gpa like at uvic? Is it really hard to get in?

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A photo of JSmith JSmith
I to am wondering of how competitive UVIC business is, I have about an 87-88 average.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
From what I know, UVic isn't really competitive, but I'm not too sure about business in specific.
They give out a LOT of early acceptances if you have something like a.. 86% average in your final term/semester of your grade 11 year.
So I'm guessing the admission average for your grade 12 year would be in the low to mid-80's.
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A photo of forthewinwin forthewinwin
It's not competitive at all.
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A photo of UVicBComAdmission UVicBComAdmission
BCom at UVic - Gustavson School of Business. About 1 in 3 applicants receive an offer of admission to the Gustavson School. High school applicants need an 80% average to be considered. All applicants must submit a supplemental application (Resume, experiences etc). This document is weighted at 40% of our decision. 60% of our decision is on your grades. I offer seminars (webinars) online and in person if you would like some informaiton about the program and the supplemental application. As we are a 2+2 style program, if you are not admitted on first application, you are welcome to apply again - in your first 2 years you will be taking all electives. Year 3 and 4 are exclusive commerce courses and must be taken within our school. Please contact me or check out the website if you want more info...
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