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UW BCS + Laurier BBA Double Degree

A photo of peterv peterv
So what are my chances?

Semester 1:
Advanced Functions 84
Financial Securities 93
English 77

Semester 2:
Computer Science 96
Calculus 85
Accounting 83
Computer Engineering 72

Top 6 Average: 86.33333

School Website Designer (2 years)
School Newspaper Editor (2 years)
Homework Club tutor (3 years)
School Environmental Action Team Communications Director (3 years)
Computer Science club
Math Club senior advisor/wrote Euclid

so my chances?
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
It may be tough for you to get the BCSDD from waterloo but it might be possible to get the Laurier side if you did the ABS

... it seems you only applied from the Laurier side, sorry!, anyways gluck!
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