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UW Computer Science Software Engineering Option

A photo of amsardesai amsardesai
Hey, sorry if this has been posted before.

I was wondering, whats the difference between going into the computer science program at Waterloo and then taking the software engineering option, versus actually being in the software engineering program? Is the workload similar? What exactly is missing from the CS SE option that exists in the actual SE program? What, in your opinion, opens up more job opportunities for a graduate?

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A photo of iRamie iRamie
That is my backup option if i dont get into ECE @ UW ^.^

Umm pretty much, you don't take chem/engineering/physics courses because you're not eligible for a pEng license after. Your degree will still be BCS (Bachelors in Computer Science), whereas they will get (BSE). They can work at places where software is crucial for the well being of humans.

For example, if you're creating software for an air-plane, you would need to sign off and approve it with your engineering license. Conversely, CS majors don't have the license to do that, so they will not be working at a place like that.
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