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Hi everyone!

I'm applying for UW computer science. Is there a big difference in terms of admissions average for UW Computer Science Coop vs non-coop?
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Actually, I'm sorry, I guess I didn't read that thoroughly enough the first time, and I'm unsure of how to delete my reply.
On your question, UW as in University of Waterloo? I thought that you had to have co-op, so there wouldn't be any difference because there isn't a no c-op option....
If you don't, I know for most engineering programs, or any really, co-op tends to have a bit higher grade admission minimum.
Hope this helps!
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I thought that they took your first year undergrad marks and you have to keep a minimum of like an 85% (in university) to still be accepted for the co-op option. otherwise you have to complete like a form to request for co-op. I heard that for someone i know who is in his first year in UofOttawa. But i don't know how UofW does it. Maybe similar?
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