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UW Co-op Kinesiology or Mcmaster Kinesiology?

A photo of dancekevin dancekevin
I'm having a really hard time picking between these two schools for kinesiology. I'm highly attracted to the co-op that Waterloo has, however, i hear that Mcmaster is also a very good school for Kin. Also, i heard the res at Waterloo sucks, and i've seen the Mcmaster res, and it's not bad.
Any advice on which one i should pick?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I was interested in both schools before, but after researching waterloo's co-op and learning more about the school,I'd say Waterloo is the best option as through co-op you are pretty much ensured that you will get a great job straight out of university, which really is the ultimate goal through doing the entire process. It has a ton of great placements such as sportsmed clinics, chiropractic, nutrition, psychology, working with the warrior teams to assist with sports injuries. You can really test the waters and see which field of kin you are most into in a job setting. Res is not a huge deal as you hardly even spend your time in your room and it is usually first year and there is little variation from university to university Res, there are some ugly crappy and old Res buildings at each school and some newer ones. I'd go with the suite style they seem to be not bad at all. Choosing a university based on it's residence is not a great way to make a decision, it should be based on quality of education and likelihood of getting an enjoyable, well paying job and
U get these types of connections through co-op. Just my two cents, hope it helps!
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A photo of dancekevin dancekevin
Yes, I was leaning towards Waterloo as well because of the large amount of practical experience needed to get a job these days, especially in this field. Do you think Waterloo would be a better choice even if i'm planning on going to grad school?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I actually don't know too much about grad school, but I'm sure having lots of practical experience would help a ton in getting into grad school. Waterloo is also very well regarded. Ocassionally students who have a placement will actually end up with a job there down the road. I also forgot to mention that you get paid while doing co-op, meaning you can earn money at the same time as earning your degree. You will be able to pay off any debts then.
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A photo of Uncotran Uncotran
If you do choose UW, then I'll be seeing you there in september :)
Waterloo has one of the best kine programs in Canada.
Mcmaster also has a great program, their lack in coop is made up by their very well known science-based program. I hear its VERY hard. You've got a pretty difficult decision my friend, good luck :)
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