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UW DD vs. Schulich BBA

A photo of SamayyL SamayyL
Ugh decisions, at first I didn't think this would be much of a problem and was set on Schulich but now I'm kind of questioning myself and am really looking for some other opinions, what do you guys think of these programs :/
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A photo of nazarus nazarus
Many Schulich students don't have jobs in 1st and 2nd year summers. UW DD students get co-op as soon as the summer of first year.

Dr. Nazarus.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
DD > Schulich -guaranteed Co-op
2 Awesome Degrees
Many Opportunities
Schulich > DD -4 years compared to 5
Do not excel at or enjoy Math
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
Do you actually have anything useful planned for the math degree, or are you just considering it because you think it'll help in terms of employment? If it's the latter, what types of jobs are you looking at?
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A photo of g93 g93
I don't really want to write out my reasoning, some/most has/will be explained, but I would choose the DD over Schulich.
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A photo of Bossofbosses Bossofbosses
DD is alot of hard work, but if you are confident about math choose DD. I'd personally choose Schulich.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Forgot to mention it is a lot of hard work and that by second year many drop it for Math or just Business. If you feel like you can cope with it then go for it!
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A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
I heard that double degree programs are usually much harder.
Co-op at waterloo is amazing though. You get tons of money and your tuition gets much lowered, but at the same time Schulich's tuition is already low.

Schulich has a better rep but Waterloo will get you more work experience before you graduate (from co-op), unless you find good summer internships.

If you plan on staying at rez then I advise you to go check out the universities it self. It will probably help you decide since they are both good universities. I like schulich but I am not a fan of York, so I'm on the same boat as you. (Deciding between UofT and Schulich).

Another point, my brother who went to Waterloo told me dual degree's don't make a huge difference, but at the same time its much harder. (He was in software engineering so I wouldn't fully beleive him)
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