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UWaterloo or UBC for Engineering?

A photo of intec123 intec123
I am stuck in a limbo and would love to hear your opinions...

Here's the story:
I got accepted to ECE @ Waterloo, and applied sciences (engineering) @ UBC.
I live in Vancouver, around 45 mins bus-ride away from UBC.

But I can't decide between the two universities.
To goto Waterloo, it will cost a lot. (high tuition + residence)
It will be definitely cheaper to goto UBC (still high tuition, but no rez, and no need to worry about rent)

But money matter aside (since I can do co-op at Waterloo), which university is better in terms of the possibilities AFTER graduation? (Master's degree, or for employment)
Which degree will people value more? (UWaterloo or UBC?)

I understand that UWaterloo is the under-dog at the moment and is undergoing some major changes to become one of the top universities in North America/World. But I am afraid those changes will be effective only after my graduation (~2016)

I value everyone's opinion, so please drop me a few lines on what you think of each university

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2 replies
A photo of Sky7ar Sky7ar
UW i'd say, cuz im from van and going to UW too haha

seriously tho, they're almost the same, in terms of reputation (since UW famous for eng, and UBC's more reputable in general), imo, yet you get more work experience with UW.
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A photo of civilboy civilboy
Ubc s tuition is half Waterloos not to be arrogant or rude but ubc still has a coop Waterloos coop is like any other coop watever school u choose it's going to be valued the same finding a job is now that hard I got a coop placement already nd I'm still in high school if u want to do graduate either school will get u there ubc nd Waterloo are amazing schools just don't get lost on the false sence of security that if u go to Waterloo you are GUAREENTED coop caise there are still some that don't get a placement
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