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A photo of rosie9333 rosie9333
Hey everyone!

I am currently really torn between taking Physics 1028/1029 and Physics 1301/1302. I'm not strong and physics and I didn't take the grade 12 course, but I heard the profs were amazing (like carol jones). Is Physics 1028/1029 really THAT easy? I would like a course to boost my GPA but a loy of people have said the final exam for biophysics is tough.

Also, I'm torn between taking math 1225 or stats 1024. I've never taken stats before and I looked at the profs and they were all rated pretty poorly, which do you think would give me a higher GPA? I definitely DON'T want to take math 1229 though because I suck at vectors.
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A photo of jplank jplank
I can't help with the Physics question, but I can help with your math question. Firstly - reconsider taking 1229. You don't have to be amazing with vectors to do well. In fact, only 1/3 of the course involves using vectors and most of the material is very basic. So, I think you should go with 1229. However, between 1225 and 1024, go with 1024. It's a little bit easier, even with some of the profs being sub-par. If you get stuck, there's a free drop in help center offered in the Western Science Center.
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A photo of JNBirDy JNBirDy
If you're not interested in physics and only want to take it because it's a requirement for the program - then go with physics 1028/1029. If you want to go to medical school however, it might be beneficial to take physics 1301/1302 as it will prepare you better for the MCAT.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
I would not suggest taking one course over another for the purpose of being better prepared for the MCAT. You'll be studying for the MCAT long after you've forgotten everything from first-year physics, and you'll study for it using MCAT prep books, not course notes.
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