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UWO - Thoughts on Physics for the Biological Sciences I and II ??

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Hey all,

I'm starting to pursue my Honors Specialization in Health Science with Biology, and decided to enroll in the Physics for the Biological Sciences I and II. Has anyone taken these courses that can give me their thoughts and feedback? Is it comparable to Grade 12 Physics? Does having Gr.12 physics help? is the course relatively easy? How are the professors?

Please and thank you.
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These courses are generally accepted to be easy. I didn't take grade 12 physics, and I'm not from Ontario anyways, so I can't comment on how they compare. But here are the topics covered:
-Basic mechanics
-Elasticity and vibrations
I'm sure having more physics experience would help, but it's not necessary.
And Zinke's lectures are really theoretical and contain a lot of irrelevant information (in my opinion). I hear he's very helpful if you go to his office hours though. He posts everything online anyways, so the large majority of people never go to class.

EDIT: I also just found the 1028 course outline from last year. It's a ridiculously long document though...
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