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Uwo Acceptence Conditions :S

A photo of JamesCally JamesCally
So my final average is an 81.6 in my top 6....You need to maintain an 82% apparently to keep your early acceptance in uwo.

Is my average good enough or will I be rejected?
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Call them ASAP, lots of uni's do a hardline cut-off. Meaning anything <82 = you're screwed. Dunno what western does, but pray it isn't that.
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
Have you thought of asking of your course's teacher boost you got 1%? If they all post you by 1% your average turns into 82.6:p
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Ah, that's so close. Yeah, call them and ask.
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A photo of stack444 stack444
you could ask one of your nice teachers to boost you two percent..or you could take a summer school course maybe? boost up one of those lower marks by just two percent and you'll be fine i would think. the email i just got form uwo says you should meet the admission requirements by august 15. give them a call and see what you can do about that
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