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A photo of Lollercopter Lollercopter
Who here has received an offer to UWO computer science for 2011? I received an offer from UofT, but I really hope I get an offer from Western next month, because it would be much more convenient than moving to Toronto.

As an aside, what do you think my chances are of getting an offer?
My marks aren't the best, but I think they're fairly competitive.

Philosophy: 92%
Advanced Functions: 81%
Physics: 83%
Chemistry: 78% (appealing this mark, hopefully to an 80%)
Accounting: ~95%
English: ~90%
Calculus: ~85%
Computer Science: ~99%
(~ = best guess based on marked work)
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A photo of stack444 stack444
you should get an offer. you just didnt get accepted before because they hadnt seem some of those later and quite impressive marks
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A photo of Sean1218 Sean1218
I'd say you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
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