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UWO: Biomed Course Selection

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For those of you who have attended UWO for Biomed or are planning to, Can someone help me out understanding the basics of which courses to take and some rules? I have read the First-year calendar, but I won't be able to attend SAO. I need the basic run down of which courses are popular and which ones are a requirement. This is to help me prepare for the telephone appointment with the counselor for which I have to have my basic selection ready.

Thanks a lot,
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The requirements are spelled out at link below. Questions about preferred profs is answered many times already in the this forum --- do some reading.


Note you are fairly late in setting a time table as many slots are already full. If your SAO call is not within next few days I would lock in a timetable yourself online. Then you can adjust it during the SAO call if needed.

Most people take:

Biology 1001A and 1002B
Chemistry 1100A and 1200B
Calculus 1000A and Calculus 1301B (or sub Calc 2 for Stats 1024)
Physics 1028A and Physics 1029B
+ Two 0.5 electives both from same category A or cat B
- Psych is common, but do what interests you
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The requirements for first year foundation courses can be found in the link given above by Meridian.

You should not wait any longer to choose your schedule as many slots ARE being filled.

There is good news however; as of today, each calculus section has been expanded by about 50/75 seats, meaning you can (for a short period of time) get into classes with great teachers that were previously full.

I'm not sure of all of them, but some of the popular electives for bio-med are psychology, health sciences, classics, philosophy or a language. Take whatever interests you.
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To all those who think I am trolling on about calculus 1501, my LAMP mentor last year said himself that 1501 has been reported to be easier than 1301 (during some years). It is the enriched section of 1301--not the harder section. Since when has the word "enriched" been synonymous to the word "harder"?
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A photo of jplank jplank
Please please please ignore Quiz's "advice".

There is absolutely no way that 1501 is easier than 1301. 1501 is intended for math intensive degrees. Biomed is not a math intensive degree. 1501 is harder than 1301 by every conceivable measure. You will not benefit in any way from taking 1501. The topics covered in 1301 is a subset of the topics covered in 1501. The exam questions are definitely harder in 1501. 1501 exams are entirely show your work while 1301 has a multiple choice component. There has never been a year where 1301 was easier and, furthermore, the difference in difficulty between the two courses has, if anything, broadened over time.
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Thanks a lot to all three of you for the information. It has helped me to a great extent in understanding how to select my courses. The links were very helpful and I now know what I am taking for next year.

Again, your help is greatly appreciated :)
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