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UWO Biomed OUAC application

A photo of nicoleviscek nicoleviscek
Hi all,

Just wondering...
Applying to UWO Biomed program on the OUAC website..
there is a section where you can pick a major subject of interest...
ie. pharmacology, toxicology, medical biophysics, immunology, etc
If you choose one of these, it is not set in stone correct?
You can always change what area you want to specialize in when you get there (3rd and 4th yr) ?
So what I choose here is not permanent right?!

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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
It's not set in stone. First year, you're pretty much just in "general science" any ways. You make actual differentiation and specialize in the upper years, but your specialization options depend on your performance and courses you took in first year.
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A photo of nicoleviscek nicoleviscek
Alright so if I just put medical science as oposed to immunology... I could still specialize in immunology if I took the proper courses and had the right grades in 1st and 2nd year!?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
First year is just a general program for all biology and medical science students. You're most likely going to be taking biology, chemistry, calculus, physics, and a non-science elective (the most popular being intro psychology). Even second year is quite general. You don't actually have to have your mind made until the end of second year. Even then, there's a good deal of mobility. I was in Phys/Psych for the first three years and then I transferred into Med Sci for fourth year.

In sum, don't worry. They only ask for the major subject of interest to see where people's interests lie.
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