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UWO Biomed (Physiology) Entrance

A photo of Pontis Pontis
Hey everyone, I'm doing a fifth year with some course repeats.

The eInfo site says Western is looking for a mid-80 grade range. I've calculated my tentative top six average, and it turned out to be ranging from 83 to 86.5 (based on what I think I can get).

Do you think my average will be high enough to get in? Western physiology is my dream program, but I'll settle for something else if I have to.

It's looking like my first three applications with OUAC will be Western biomed, Western science, and Waterloo lifesci. Could anyone suggest any other programs for physiology that I could get into with my marks as they are/will be?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
The lowest average of any person accepted to Western biomed is typically about 86%; Western science is more like 83-84%. If I were you, I would apply only to Western science (OUAC code 'ES'), not biomed. ES is no different than ESM (biomed); it all depends on the courses you choose to take in first year. An ES student taking ESM courses is no different than an ESM student.

There are lots of other physiology programs in Ontario. Mac, Guelph, U of T... these are all possibilites for you. York might be a good safety school.
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A photo of Pontis Pontis
Okay, thanks.

If I took the required courses for ESM in my first year after being accepted to ES, would I be an ESM student in second year? Or would I continue to be in the ES program?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
At the end of first year you'll have to choose your major; at this point, you will choose "Physiology." 'ES' and 'ESM' cease to exist after acceptance. You can enter Physiology as either an ES student or an ESM student.
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