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UWO: Biomed vs. Kin

A photo of csze csze
I'm having difficulty choosing between both programs. I've already accepted my biomed offer, but I am highly considering changing to kin, just because I feel like it focuses on physiology and anatomy in comparison to biomed which is just bio, chem physics..

does anyone have any opinions between the two? I am planning on applying to med or pharm school in the near future..so which one would you recommend?

At the same time, I'm not strong in physics, so if i go into kin maybe I can avoid it lmao.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
As a kin student I highly recommend Kin. Many Med school do not have preference in a particular program. You could do bio, engineering, psychology... as long as the prerequisites are there and you have a high gpa you are set.

As well, what are you going to do in a worst case scenario if you do not get accepted your first or second try and have to wait for a year or two. It is either work in a lab or as a kinesiologist working with people. In my opinion there is more diversity for kin than Biomed.
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A photo of skittlesmeister skittlesmeister
I'm in Biomed myself, but from what you've said in your post and your interests, I'd say you should actually switch to Kin. I've got a few friends myself who are in Kin/just graduated from Kin. The stuff that they've learned is a lot more physical and about the human anatomy - not to mention it's very applicable to everyday situations as well.

And the physics aspect? You really don't need much for either program. I think you need to take a physical course either way.
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A photo of freebird freebird
I was debating these two options too. My main interest is physiology, as you can see below, and I seriously dislike physics as well. While in kin you get exposure to this early, the biomed program provides more in-depth and specific physiology. This is why I chose biomed. BUT you have to make it through the first two years of general science. And kin does provide a lot more applicable experience rather than theoretical. Plus you get credits for playing sports, which is awesome.

Both will provide you with a good background for med school itself. Biomed will be better prep for the MCAT, but you can always learn that on your own if you're dedicated.
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
According to my friends who have written the MCAT, kinesiology can prepare you for it just as well as biomed. It will actually help you more when it comes to certain sections on the MCAT, at least according to the people I know who have written it.
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