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UWO BMSc - 2nd year program

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I am currently pursuing an Honours Spec in Biochemistry. I have the choice of either taking Bio Methods 2290F/G or Thermodynamics 2374A.

Does anybody know much about these two courses? I'm interested in the amount of work, difficulty, etc.

Thank you. :)
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Bio 2290 is a lot of work. It's not that difficult though. I found a lot of it useful info if you want to do research in the future, but if that's not your interest then it's probably not worth the amount of work that it requires.

Basic outline: It's an essay course so there's a writing section, a section on bacterial transformation, one on scientific communication with group work (posters, presentations, etc), one on graphing with spectrometry experiments. Not a fun course due to the consistent amount of work, which often ends up right around midterms and finals...
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