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UWO BMSc 2nd Year Course Selection

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Hey everyone. I will be going into BMSc 2nd year this upcoming September. I need some advice regarding my course selection.

Due to the time schedule of my electives (Japanese and Pharm 2060), I was forced to take Bio 2290 and Stats 2244 both in first semester. Is this a good idea? I heard that from others both courses have heavy amount of course load so most students tend to split them off in to two different semesters. Are there anyone who took the courses in same semester?

Like most of my peers, I am preparing for MCAT. I understand that physiology is a big aspect of the test. So I am considering of switching my Japanese(full year course) and take Physiology 2130(full year course). But then again...the course load of BMSc students for 2nd year a no joke...and I heard it Physio 2130 will be very interesting, but at the same time quite challenging. Advices?

If I do take the physio 2130, then I will have to take a first semester elective. Are there any recommendations?
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A photo of Ultimawar Ultimawar
Physiology 2130 is a really easy course. You're tested on 1/4 of the material for each term and the final is cumulative, but all 4 tests are worth the same. The profs are really interesting and the course is so informative. It won't help too much with the MCAT as most courses will probably go more indepth from what I've seen at Keplans.

Stats 2244 is relatively difficult if it's taught as crappy as it was this year, and if you don't have any background in stats. We had a lot of complaints and it felt like profs gave up half way through. People were insulting them on the discussion boards and the whole thing was a mess. I found this course required a lot of my time and you have to keep up as there's a lab based on the material every week thats worth a good chunk of your mark.

Bio 2290 is not hard at all. You do the majority of your work in class and the exam is based purely on the work sheets you filled in during the year, and the questions that require familiarity with the material are so simple that you can honestly pick it up after one read. This course will probably bring your mark up.

Good luck this year!
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A photo of jun921201 jun921201
I see. Thanks you for your reply. A big help! From my understadning I thought the last exam for physiology 2130 was 40% cumulative. and the other three exams are 20% each. Guess I can't do much for stats if the problem is the prof...How about pharmacology 2060? It's an online course and hoping to get some opinion from people who took it...
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