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UWO Bursary Questions

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Okay, So today I got accepted to Queens and when I logged in I saw that I was given a $6700 bursary. I have already accepted Western and what bothers me is that I don't know if the bursary I got from Western will be equal or greater in value.

1. My first question is whether or not Queens and Western (and other Universities) tend to give away the same amount of money in the form of bursaries or if it's different for each?

2. Right now when I try to complete the bursary form for Western it says that "You are not eligible to apply for Summer Bursary/Work Study. Undergraduate students must be registered in at least 1 half course in order to proceed." Does that mean I won't be able to apply until I register in August?

3. Another thing I don't understand is how bursaries and OUAC work together. Could someone explain that please. Is the bursary given out first, and the rest covered by OUAC or what?

Thank you.
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