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Hi guys! I got accepted on Feb. 28 for NURSING at Western, and I almost fainted I was so happy! I'm really excited to start nursing, I don't think I've ever been so confident in wanting something in my life! I just wanted to get the ball rolling on meetig my future classmates! What are you taking? I really want to hear from all of you, how your marks are, and I'm trying to figure out what res to live in?

Or should I live off campus with some friends already going?

Future Nurse in Hamilton
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
Really? No one coming for sure yet?! WHERE'S THAT PURPLE PRIDE I'M ALWAYS HEARING ABOUT?

Also join the Facebook group!

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I will be going into biomed! Not sure what I want to do after my degree, but I know that it would be what I love to study. I saw many other people who also want to go to Western. No one replied probably because there are so many threads.

Good luck with nursing! I volunteer at a hospital and most of the nurses I've met are so sweet and awesome. They're all bffs and it makes the hospital, which seems gloomy, a nice place to work at.

I think I will put Perth as my first choice. It looks better aesthetically than the other traditional styles, the only downside is that it's far from where classes are and I heard that people tend to be a bit less social, but that doesn't bug me.
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
Good for you random! I know that there are 2 biomed programs at Western (I think or I get it mixed up). Regardless, both are excellent programs!

I know, nurses can be so awesome, they've really been role models for me my whole life. I'm so excited to start! September can't come fast enough!

I looked at Perth myself, but I can't afford it. But I have 1 friend there and she really enjoys it there! She did have a problem connecting with her roomie at first cuz she was in 2nd year, but she got along really well with her floor cuz most people kept their doors open and people just walked into each other's rooms like in the traditional, but with more room.
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I will be going in for Health Sci! Unbelievably excited for September. I seriously considered med school for the future (lol so typical of an Asian like me), but now I am 80% sure that I want to further my career in areas like global health, health promotion, medical advertising/business etc. I most definitely want to stay in health care, just exploring other options. :)

As for rez, I'm going with traditional and looking into Med-Syd for top choice! I like it a lot, though it's a bit far from HSB and most of the campus facilities. I'll deal with climbing the hill...always opportunities for mini work-outs ;)
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Hey, I'm most likely coming to Western for BMOS and then Richard Ivey for MBA.
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