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hey, i am wondering if anyone knows how strict UWO is when relating to conditional acceptance. I received my acceptance letter and it states i need to maintain an 82. I probably will but that seems really high compared to other unis ( guelph and laurier 70 %.... ) If i do not maintain this does uwo actually take away your acceptance, even if its by 1 %?? just because calc is getting pretty tough right now......
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I know it sounds rough, but if it's under the conditional mark mentioned by 1-2% or under (like 80 or 81% or less)... they hold the right to revoke the offer. It has happened to people in the past where their offer got revoked because they had missed the mark by a percent or two. But if it's within 0.5-1% or something ridiculously close to 82%, you can always appeal the decision.

Try and push as far as you can, and get the best marks possible! Because at this point, every percent counts.
Good luck, and I hope to see you at UWO (it's a great school - hope you get in)! :brilsmurf
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