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1. Which essay course would you recommend? Both interesting and high marks?

2. Which Category B courses would you recommend? Same as #1, courses that are both interesting and with high marks? (Just asking so I can fill the breadth requirements for graduation by the end of first year...)

3. Would it be unwise to take Writing 1000 F/G?

4. Which course would you pick from Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Women's Studies?

For the record, there's no room on my schedule for Classics...

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Take whatever interests YOU.

Honestly, none of those disciplines you mentioned seem to offer courses that I've heard are bird courses. I knew quite a few people who took Sociology in first year because they thought it'd be easy; they ended up being sorry.

Writing courses are great because they improve your marks in other classes. They're also a nice break from your typical memorization-heavy class. For those two reasons, I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve his or her writing skills.
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I took 2 essay courses in first year - History 1401E and Poli Sci 1020E. History I HATED. I loved history going into university, and this course made me despise it!! I did poorly on the essays and I always was a good writer. Poli Sci was better than history, but super boring!

For Category B courses I'd recommend a language. That being said, only if you have a knack for languages. I took first year Spanish and did really well.

Writing 1000 sounds like a great course to take, especially because it improves your writing for other classes. And like the other person said, it's not the same memorization as other classes.

Personally, I would never take Anthro or Econ as an elective. Not easy. First year Sociology has a horrible prof and everyone I know got 60% or lower. Women's Studies, only if you're really into it, otherwise it's BORING! Geography - easiest of them all. And you already know what I think about History.
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