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UWO Drop Out Rates

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I was just wondering what the drop out rates for UWO programs are. Like for example Biomed? I know they accept like 1000 people, but how many people drop out after first year, or switch programs? Anyone know? Thanks a lot!
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I'm not sure about specific rates for drop outs, but it's more people failing or not meeting required averages after first year than actually wanting to leave...

Specifically for biomed, you're not actually in biomed first year, you're just another science student. It's impossible to say how many people actually switch because you don't really declare whether you're in biomed until second year.
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Any idea what happens to the students who fail to meet the requirement first year? Will they be given a chance second year to enter the honors spec. program or just missed it first year? :)
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If you fail to meet the requirements for your declared major(or the backup one you put on your intent to register)you remain undeclared for the following year. You can retake classes to boost your average and take further classes. If your marks improve you can switch into your desired program at the end of second year. You won't lose a year(meaning your degree should still only take 4 or maybe 4.5 years to complete) but you may have to retake classes. You could also just switch into something else(into biology instead of biomed for example).

If your marks are REALLY low, you may be placed on academic probation. This means that you need to meet with an academic councilor and can only take a limited number of courses the next year. If you're marks don't drastically improve, you will have to withdraw from university for at least a year. The details of academic probation are worked out wth the academic councilor, I think.
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