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UWO Econ 1022

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I was wondering if anyone had an copies of past exams for Econ 1022 from UWO specifically from Professor Gillmore's class. I'm taking it as a summer course online and our final exam is coming up in the next 2 weeks and it would be nice if I could study from some past exams.

I tried to sign up for the economics student association so that I could access the exams from there website but I was unable to do this as the site was down. Maybe someone has a username and password i could borrow to get some past exams from the site? I'm also not sure if the site is running again or not.

Thanks for the help!

Much appreciated!

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The Economics Department runs a free drop in help center on the 3rd floor of the Social Science Center. I don't know what their summer hours are, but I vaguely remember there being past exams there.
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A photo of lattimore lattimore
The only problem is I am a long ways from London, I was hoping someone might have the files stored from their computer on PDF's. I heard that's how a lot of people get past exams from the ESA website the only problem there is that I can't access a login from the website...
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