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UWO Ivey Advanced Entry Oppourtunity

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Hi all ....

just a questions: Is it wise to check off the Ivey Avanced Entry Oppourtunity on the OUAC application just to keep options open when applying to UWO Health sci and UWO bio med...just to keep options open? Even if you do not get Ivey AEO, can you still get accepted into the programs and if you realize you do not want to pursue Ivey after your first two years in the program, can you just ignore and reject that offer?

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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
It's great having the Ivey AEO status even if you're not too intent on going. A lot of people I know that are in bio med or the science are considering switching to Ivey third year. By no means should Ivey be a "back up" option though, especially to programs like health sci/bio med. Logic: if you have an 80+ you're competitive for med school and should stay in bio med. If you're below 80, you won't proceed to HBA.

Sure by taking an AEO spot you're likely screwing over someone who actually wants to go into business and spending lots of money on applying, but at least you might help satiate any deep-seeded desires to be a keener.

Also yes you can still get accepted into the other programs. The admissions processes are independent of one another.
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