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UWO Law 2010 as a bird course?

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I want to ask students who had taken law 2101. Is it a bird course?
Is there any essay questions on the exam or assignments for this course?

I want to take this course because I'm in business, and considering myself for usefulness and effectiveness so I want to take it,
but I'm just worrying that 'Law' it self is not an easy topic. I'm even not sure whether I will find interesting for the law.

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I am taking Law 2101 this upcoming year and I know a handful of people who have already taken it. It is by NO MEANS a bird course. There is absolutely no essay component, however, and many people find this favourable.

There are 2 exams (one in Dec, one in April) worth 37.5% each. The other 25% of your mark comes from weekly on-line quizzes. Check out this website for more info: http://instruct.uwo.ca/law/2101/

There is heavy amounts of reading and you must keep up - quizzes and exams will test on knowledge from the textbook. Exams are MC.

If you find law interesting, this is a good course. However if you are not interested in law, this class will bore you and be a struggle to read so much about it.
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