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Can someone upload thier math 1229, Calc1000 and math 1225 from UWO. I just want to see what does university teach because in MCV, my mark started to drop since vector started.

Thank you
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A photo of jplank jplank

@LLUS wrote
Can someone upload thier math 1229, Calc1000 and math 1225 from UWO.

Not sure if you meant their notes or their exams? (I think you accidentally a word). Anyways, most of these things are posted to WebCT now (a password protected area of the uwo site that's only accessible to current students in the course). But, I can link you to some past exams for the course from several years ago:

Math 1229 Test (1, 2 - ignore questions 40 to 50, they're not tested anymore)
Math 1225 Test (1, 2, 3, 4)
Calculus 1000 Test (1, 2 - second link is to the former course webpage)

The Math 1229 and 1225 exams will say Math 30 at the top. Don't worry about this - they renumbered the courses a few years ago. Also, don't worry if the material doesn't make a lot of sense - it's probably because you haven't taken the courses yet.
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