yconic - uwo nursing English Language Proficiency Requirements??
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uwo nursing English Language Proficiency Requirements??

A photo of hlk1522 hlk1522
did anyone get any letter about nursing English Language Proficiency Requirements at uwo?
they are asking me to write a test.. since english is not my first language :(((
I've lived in canada over 4 years as well as united states ( 4 years as well..)
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A photo of Gozho Gozho
You might want to write the test just to be on the safe side.am from Africa l attended Uni in the states and I did an English course :)l called western 3 weeks ago because l wanted to know if my English was transferable and the lady l talked to she is from the nursing admissions,she told me not to worry bout my English.think it will be best if you do the test..all the best
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