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UWO residence waiting list

A photo of frowningcat frowningcat
Hey guys, I was accepted to UWO's faculty of ed program, not realizing that since I was considered a grad/transfer student or whatever, I'd be put on a waiting list to get into a residence. Frankly, I'm not looking forward to walking to campus from an off-campus house during the frozen London winters, so I was really hoping to get into residence. However, it seems I don't even get priority for the waiting list since I'm not a 1st year student nor am I a returning student. Right now it's telling me I'm in the 20-25 range for Saugeen (my other four choices are way, way higher...70-75 for Perth, and so forth). Be honest, do I have any real chance of getting an offer for residence? I need to know asap so I can try to find other accomodations if not. If anyone's been in this situation before, any advice would be really helpful.
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A photo of allison123 allison123
Honestly, I'm unsure. And pretty sure most people here wouldn't know either, but I do know that everything happens for a reason and don't stress yourself! Be optimistic! Stranger things have happened - and also I know a population of students from University of Western commute to school! So not everyone lives in residence first year!

Also - my brother lived in perth. He loved it! Hope this helped!
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A photo of qszwdxefc qszwdxefc
Off-campus actually isn't that bad. My house next year is pretty much the same distance from campus as Elgin Hall, and there are many houses on Richmond and Western Road which are close to buses that come very frequently.

To be honest, Western's residences are getting very packed up these recent years and I'm not completely sure of how likely you'll get a spot. They're building another residence in the near future which should hold another ~1000 students to ease up the numbers.
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A photo of majorlazor majorlazor
I have also been accepted as a transfer student at UWO. I also didnt realize that as a transfer student I'm not given residence priority.
Right now my best chances for residence is saugeen, and my order is 16-20...
Anyone who has gone through this have any idea of whether there's a chance of me getting a spot come September, or should I start looking into other accommodations. Also wheres a good place to start looking for off-campus housing.
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A photo of fr0wningcat fr0wningcat
I'm also at 16-20 right now for Saugeen...still 3 months to go, but honestly i'm getting a bit nervous. i don't want one of the on-campus apartments (it's my only year at western and i want to be very social), and im not too keen on walking to campus in below 0 weather in the winter time from the houses...
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