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UWO Science Students: Easy Electives?

A photo of kjp8908 kjp8908
Hello everyone.

I'm looking for some help here as to what elective I should take.

I'm actually leaving Physics to take in the summer, so I'm going to have 2.0 Credits that I need to fill and I have no idea what to do. Some sound interesting, but nothing completely attracts me.

Can someone tell me some of their past experiences with particular courses, anything they recommend, etc. Also, I remember someone a month or so posted a site that indicates the grades of some students in particular classes, if someone has that I would love it.

So far, electives I've heard that are easy are:

Food & Nutrition
Computer Science 1033a/b

Thank you
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A photo of TheLaw TheLaw
comp sci is pretty easy. psych 1000 isnt hard either. I took philosophy 1200 (critical thinking and reasoning) it was a pretty interesting course, the stuff you learn will help you in ur everyday life and in the future, but its not a very easy course, you really have to keep up with the work. I have heard astronomy, philosophy of evil and religions of the world are easy also.
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A photo of adamraffoul adamraffoul
Psych1000 is a very common course for first years.

I myself took Business 1220. Not overwhelming but definitely too much work for an elective as a science student. Mind you I loved it and found it the most interesting course that I was taking.

Comp sci's are pretty easy, especially if you work well on a computer.

Not many courses that "seem" easy end up being easy though. Lots of people are recommended to take things because they're easy, and end up struggling a lot.

Maybe take a full-year course in another faculty to satisfy your letter req's (A, B, C).

I forget which pertain to which letter, but that might not be a bad idea.

Ex. Business took care of my A category (I think). Science takes care of the other, and now I'm just left with an Arts to fulfill and have three years to do it. (I think...)

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A photo of stack444 stack444
hear anything about the difficulty of food and nutrition 1021? (@adamraffoul/anyone) :)
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A photo of freebird freebird
I just want to add that while psych 1000 isn't very difficult material, there is a lot of reading and a lot of information to know, so it's pretty time consuming compared to other possible electives.

From what I remember hearing, it's also one of those courses that's not all that difficult, but a ton of info to remember.
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A photo of stack444 stack444
update for anyone who uses the search bar and comes back to this...4 things:
i decided to take food and nutrition
its not easy
there are no easy electives here
do anything that interests you
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