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UWO Stats1024 and 1229 course tips&tricks?

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I am aiming for the Honor Spe. in Cognitive and Neuroscience in Psychology and as one of the principle courses it is reuired of me to take a full math credit.
I decided to go with math 1229A and Stats 1024b
For those who took any of the two:
-How were the course(s)?
-Any suggestions?
-Subject/unit to pay attention to? (i.e complex or something like that)
-Study tips
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A photo of jplank jplank
I've tutored many students in 1229 and several students in 1024. 1229 will be slightly easier than 1024. Of the profs listed on the UWO timetable, I only know of Dr. Olds. From what I've heard, her lectures are usually her reading off of slides and she can be a bit conscending if you go to her office hours and ask for help (this is based on what my students have told me). I don't know if the other profs are better or worse - I haven't heard much about them. The exams in 1229 are multiple choice with 1 or 2 show your work questions at the end. Student have a tendancy to think that these courses are super easy...and then they go into the exam and come out shocked when they don't do as well as they'd hoped. The courses are easy relative to other first year math courses at UWO. That doesn't mean you can walk into the exam without studying and expect to ace the exam. Keep up with the work and you'll be fine. The lectures, textbook and online notes can make the work seem harder than it is. But when you get down to the core concepts, they aren't so bad. The Math Department offers free help sessions if you need them. Or, I'd suggest studying with a friend. Here's a link to my blog where I list the topics in 1229 along with how difficult they are relative to the other topics in the course (http://www.londonmathtutor.com/relative-difficulty-of-topics-in-1225-1228-and-1229/). Basically, don't slack off and make an honest effort and you should have no trouble with the course. Also, the best way to study is from past exams. The textbook questions are a bit wonky sometimes - they ask for stuff you'd never see on an exam. But test questions are basically the same from year to year. I don't know as much about 1024 because I see fewer students from that course. But, it's a lot of learning how to plug in numbers into formulas. You're given a formula sheet on the exam for 1024 (but not for 1229).
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