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UWO text books anyone? :)

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This year's finishing off, and i got a few books for sale if anyone's interested :D

Math 1229 - Elementary of linear algebra (perfect condition, one of the easiest math course to take, i got past exams too)
Math 1225 - Calculus with applications ( perfect condition, also easy math course, include past exams )
Math 1228- Finite mathematics ( some areas are highlighted, but its fine, safe yourself some money)

Earth Rocks 1021/1022 - Rocks text book (perfect condition, includes all labs, pretty expensive in book store if your considering to take this course, )

MOS 1021/1022 books ( err...crappy course, dry material, poorly printed text book...if you want have it for really cheap...)

Economics 1021/1022 books + study guide - (study guide's useful :) text book has been highlighted they'll prob make you buy new, because you need Econ Lab code...but if your interested anyways, you can have for real cheap)

Business 1220 - its a course package, i dont know how useful it is to you...they'll end up making you buy new next year prob...cuz you gotta register it.

Clicker - if your taking micro/macro econ with Parkin you'll need it...i got for half the book store price :)

PM me, leave msg, or e-mail me wqu7@uwo.ca~~~

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