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Variance in Extracurriculars

A photo of eritz eritz
I feel like I spend a lot of time doing extracurriculars, but when I write them down they always look kinda blah. Mostly i think it's because they all look the same...i'm involved in my school choir, jazz choir, choir executive committee, orchestra, and music lessons. It's ALL music. I feel like people won't understand that it's still a huge time commitment...do you think it'll effect my applications?
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Most scholarships are looking for the leadership and contribution aspects of your EC's not just participation. I agree your Ec's as listed do appear very one dimensional.

What you can do is present them individually and point out the leadership or contribution involved. Differentiate them.

Example: School Choir --- do you just participate or are you involved in leadership, mentoring, etc. Exec Committee - did you organize fundraising, fun group activities, make presentations. Music lessons, are you taking them or giving them.

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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
On the positive side, it does show you're dedicated. If you can stress how these ECs show your leadership talents, then it could work out for you.
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A photo of shannos5 shannos5
there are a lot of scholarships that will be looking for dedication so iot definately shows you're dedicated :)
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A photo of brittanypye brittanypye
there are also a TON of scholarships for people involved in the arts, like music, so try to seek out these and you should be in a good position to win one or more :colors:
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