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Verge of acceptance or decline???

A photo of Tee604em Tee604em
Ok so my average is 86% and my first choice was bachelor or sciences for SFU. (UBC is unlikely going to accept me by now..).

Somebody told me that what happens is you must first hear a reply to your first choice and then your second. In this case my second was Arts. Now heres the question, my friend, who also has 86%, has already gotten enrolled to SFU arts. I have no clue what to do? I havent been enrolled yet at all to anything.

By the time i hear from my first choice, will there still be room for arts?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I'm pretty sure 86 is decent enough for SFU.
I have friends with around the same who got in already, but most are for Beedie, not Sciences.
If you don't hear from your first choice (aka get rejected), I would assume they would look at your second choice.
86 for SFU Arts is definitely enough.
My best friend is in the Arts faculty at SFU and her average was nowhere near 86, and I'm pretty sure Arts wasn't her first choice either when she applied.
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