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Very worried about grade11 marks :(

A photo of soloaria soloaria
Hey guys is there a possibility of getting rejected from universities because of very poor grade11 average(70-75)? May u of t and uwaterloo give out rejection letters prior to April? I failed so badly in grade11 because of one course... However my science and math courses were all 90s. Also I'm getting ok marks in grade12 pbbl an average of 88 or higher.
Btw I'm applying for u of t actuarial science, uwaterloo actuarial science, financial risk and life science and queen's science. My toefl result is 106 in total 29 in writing 24 in speaking.
I'm so worried and all stressed out right now...><" can anyone answer my questions?
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A photo of mmmmmmmn mmmmmmmn
Well from what i've read throughout this forum, they use grade 11 marks for only early admission so I think you'll be okay. Plus, ur grade 11 marks don't seem that bad either.. when you said you did bad I was thinking of like 60s..haha
Grade 12 is all that matters so just work hard this year and you'll get accepted :)
since you said you got good marks in math and science, i think you'll be alrit. :)
hope it helped!
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A photo of leahquin leahquin
My grade 11 marks were really bad (60, 78, 78, 85)but it doesn't really matter because I'm getting 90s this year, so I should get some acceptances, its not based on grade 11. I just won't get early acceptance...
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A photo of k55libby k55libby
If you work extra hard in grade 12 and your marks go way up the university may take into consideration that you can make the 85% average or whatever you are going for when you work for it. Grade 12 is where the marks matter the most anyways, so don't worry to much.
Good luck
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A photo of soloaria soloaria
thanks guys i feel much better now ~
good luck with all the applications =)
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A photo of LauraWood24 LauraWood24
Grade 11 marks are good for scholarships and early acceptance, but not much else. If you have good marks in grade 12, you will show admissions offices that you have matured and have the ability to get good grades, which is all that matters.
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