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Vet school or other careers with animals

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I am a grade 12 student and will be applying to universities soon.  I have wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember and, like most others in my situation, I am interested in attending the university of guelph for my undergrad and then eventually applying to the OVC.  

I am aware that this is an extremely competitive program and was wondering what other career opportunities (besides the obvious RVT, kennel operator, etc.) there would be working with animals if the vet thing doesnt work out.  I am interested in animal welfare, wildlife, marine, and domestic animals.  I am also very interested in the research side to species and animal conservation but was wondering how one would pursue a career in this.

I want to go to guelph, not just for the OVC, but because I am generally interested in the unique variety of majors that they have, for example, zoology, wildlife biology and conservation, as well as marine and freshwater biology.  Are there any majors that would limit me in the future when looking for careers?  I would be willing to do further schooling like going to get my masters, but I am still a bit confused as to what other career opportunities would be available with any of these majors.

Sorry this is so lengthy, but one more thing...
Would it put me at an advantage to go to a school for undergrad that ISNT guelph, if I am planning on getting accepted to OVC.  I know that most people that want to be vets go there, but I feel like it would be difficult to stand out from the crowd and find opportunities for vet experience if I went there.  I am also looking at York and UofT as other schools, since I live much closer to those.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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You have the right idea right now. Try for vet school and if you don't get in I'm sure you'll find other opportunities out there to work with animals. For now it sounds like program at Guelph is right up your ally. There are very few programs in Ontario that are like the animal science programs at Guelph.
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Professional dogwalking.
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