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Veterinary Medicine: agricultural sciences

A photo of kalenann kalenann
After applying and being accepted for post secondary education in order to receive my bachelor in pre-vet med, and going through everything, is anyone aware whether it's hard to get in for the 4 year doctorate ?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Yeah it's hard to get into vet med. I applied for the first time this year to Guelph. You need to take the MCAT, have a good GPA, and animal and vet experience.
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A photo of Brocco Brocco
I have heard that completing vet training is tough, just like going through medical school to work with humans.. However, if you think you might lose your motivation along the way, there is a veterinary technician program that is two years and gives you a career working with animals. My sister did it at UBC Okanagan and she said it was extremely tough (6-8 classes with labs and animal care duties), but she kept the finish line in her sites and has since worked at the UBC Vancouver laboraties and at veterinary clinics in Victoria, BC.

Just a reminder that there are always options.
Good luck!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
The Ontario Veterinarian College only accepts about 110 students a year.. in 2010 there were over 400 applicants. The vet school is more difficult to get into then medical school.
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