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Veterinary Technician Hopefuls

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Anyone going into this field? I'm actually an English Major at Trent U and I'm dropping out of my program to pursue an education in Vet Tech earlier than expected. I'd intended on doing so after completing my Undergrad at Trent but my boyfriend convinced me finally to actually go ahead and get the high school credits I was missing and make the leap to Vet Tech now instead of later. I won't be applying until the fall of 2012 due to missing credits (I'm working on my Math ATM, and will be doing Chem and Bio by correspondence over the summer) but I'd still like to see who out there is intending on going either this fall or the fall of 2013 to any of the following: University of Guelph -- Ridgetown, St. Lawrence College -- Kingston, or Seneca College -- King City (specifically this one, as I'm planning on attending this program).

Myself, I'm 23 years old, I've lived my entire life pretty much with animals. Started horse back riding when I was 9 years old and continued for a good 7 or 8 years in the Equestrian community. Mostly pleasure riding but earlier on I did ride competitively. I have cared for (includes basic care, feeding, turn out, medical care) for 4 of my own horses until my last was sold around 3 years ago, I have also worked as a stable hand caring for over 20 horses at a time (feeding, cleaning, etc). My parents own a small hobby farm where I've taken care of our chickens, ducks, goats and various farm cats (one of which I brought back from skin and bones when she showed up on our driveway in the middle of winter). I've assisted our Veterinarian in emergency procedures on-farm, dosed any and every kind of animal with dewormer (chickens are the trickiest, you have to get them while they're asleep LOL), administered vaccines to puppies, kittens, horses, and goats as well. Now... well now I start a volunteer position at a local veterinary clinic in my city and I will hopefully be there 2-3 days a week assisting on surgery days until I go off to college.

My preferred colleges are Seneca and St. Lawrence (Ridgetown is simply too far away for me to attend).

So, let's share. What are your grades like, have you been accepted, what kind of practice do you eventually want to work in. What have you done for volunteer hours and what have you got for experience, animal care wise.
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