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Victoria or Trinity

A photo of sandrinaf12 sandrinaf12
so i been re-searching, vic and trin are pretty much the 2 best colleges , and I also recieved my ouac info for application processing , so by the end of grade 12, my marks will be english ( i already did it in summer school ) - 84
religion - 85
international business - 90
french - 85
law- 87
world issues- 87
data - 88
family studies - 93

should i put trin as my top ( thats my first prefernce ) but i dont think my marks are high enough and vic is also a good college but both of the colleges only look at your application if the college is ranked first. So which should i choose at the number one choice ?

and also because i took English ( first attempt) in summer school prior to grade 12 , does that affect my accepteance ? And also how much of a chance do I have of getting accepted to u of t ? ( because they accept student worldwide )
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK
May I ask, what is "Family Studies"??

OT: I preferred Vic, you should also look at VicOne/TrinOne programs.
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A photo of sandrinaf12 sandrinaf12
thanks for your in put and family studies is short form for individuals and families in a diverse society \( it's a social science course with a bases on anthro,physc, and socio)
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
I suggest Vic :) I really wanted to accept Vic and VicOne but Western came out top in the end.
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A photo of petarpoparacrni petarpoparacrni
If you keep your average (and maybe boost it slightly) and write a good Trinity Student Profile (there is a 500 word essay you have to complete) then you will likely get accepted.

Trinity is the more prestigious and better school I think. I would rank it as number one.
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