yconic - Vile Gr.12 English Grade! Respond BEFORE APRIL 12th [2011] PLEASE!
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Vile Gr.12 English Grade! Respond BEFORE APRIL 12th [2011] PLEASE!

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Hi. I'm graduating in 2.5 months, but my problem is that midterm grades for second semester are being sent out on the 19th (1.5 wks from now)! I don't know if I'm cut out for UTSG, or ANY university that I've applied to for that matter (UTSG, UTSC, York, Carleton; all PoliSci undergrads!). :pale:

-72-75% avg. for English [this semester, so I can NOT take it again!].
-Midterm [semester] avg. will be around 77-80%.
-Overall avg [sent to universities right now] will be from 79% to 81%.

I think my average will be enough to get into PoliSci at UTSG (please comment below if not!). I've already been offered UTSC and York but they could withdraw their offers because of my English grade (though I am positive that I'll achieve an 86-89% in French). I believe I am not insufficient in English since my grades in other language-heavy courses are all above 81%. Only two of my six grades this year are in the low-mid 70s, which unfortunately includes English! However, I know that these grades will go up as finals approach.

As a side-note, this school is one of the newer and harder schools in the district. Many people are struggling just to get a minimum average for university (cut-off ranges, not any higher).

*I do not think that the OSSLT is worth a whole lot to admission officers, but just so everyone knows, I scored a 360.

Please respond ASAP (before April 11th preferably!). Time is running out and it is vital that I know what I should expect from universities ASAP. Will offers be withdrawn? Will I get into UTSC (and Victoria College...)? Will I get into Carleton? What averages should I be aiming for, in English and/or in general?

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The thing is though, high school english classes are not related all that much to other language classes in school. English focuses more on critical thinking, that's why Universities care about it so much. Language courses like French teach you how to effectively communicate with the language.

Universities really don't care about what shcool you go too. It's not like a kid applying from Churchill is at a disadvantage with a kid coming from, let's say, Birchmount.

How did you find out you OSSLT score? No one at our school found out. It was either pass or fail. I'm pretty sure Unis don't get to see that score either.

For UTSG, there's still a chance, although I believe most people came into uoft with an 81 for arts last year. Check CUDO. Not so sure about Carleton (I don't know much about the school). I do know that UofT generally wants a 75-80 in English, so try bumping that mark up a bit.
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