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Volunteer hour mistake?

A photo of gassergasser gassergasser
So at the beginning of the year, I had 52 hours of volunteer. Since then I have gotten about 9 this year by doing school events. I also clearly handed in the amount of hours to my guidance councilor. This would mean I have 61 hours. Yet on my final report card, it says I have 72, 11 more than I should have.

Did I just get free hours? Or is it simply a mistake that guidance will overlook?

Should I really care?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Of course you should care. Let the office know they made a mistake.
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
If you do care, then go check the guidance office for their records on your community involvement. I don't think it's such a big deal, it's not like they made a mistake saying your volunteer hours are less than 40. But if you're concerned, your school should have records on that which you could look at.
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