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Volunteering and internship opportunities in McGill (Montreal)

A photo of xinzyl xinzyl
Hi all, I am an out-of-province student considering studying bio at McGill, and would like to know more about the various out of school opportunities available in the school as well as in the city.

As I want to attend veterinary school after undergrad, volunteering experience and ECs are very important for me. How hard is it for someone who does not speak French to get an internship/volunteer position there?
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A photo of ghana1994 ghana1994
I think you'll get opportunities in McGill, coz Life Sciences are a big thing there, atleast where research is concerned.
I think people can get by quite well withough knowing much French.
That's what I've heard from friends at McGill...but it depends on what kind of people you interact with.
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A photo of xinzyl xinzyl
I am not as worried about the in-school opportunities actually, McGill does offer a lot of research and internship opportunities on its own.
I was wondering more about, for example, volunteering at an animal shelter or vet clinic in Montreal during my school term/holiday.
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