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A photo of bennyandthejets bennyandthejets
I got wait listed for Queens Arts on Thursday.
I'm freaking out beacuse I want to go to Queen's so badly!
Is anyone else in the same boat?
Or anyone from previous years know when Queens lets in wait listed students?
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A photo of PeoplesChamp PeoplesChamp
Well, they will probably wait until after June 2nd the day when everyone who is given an offer is expected to respond. Based on how many people reject the offer from Queen's will they decide whether or no to admit people on wait list. Basically a wait list can be seen as a "reserve" for a university to draw from if more people reject their offer than expected to meet the capacity of the program. So really, its a variable and depends on how many people reject their Queen's offer.

Quick example.

Let's say 500 offers are sent out. (Just for arguments sake.)
and the capacity for the program is 400, and the university anticipates 100 people of the 500 to reject the offer. However, when June 2nd rolls in, it turns out 200 people reject their offer instead of the expected 100 and they fall 100 students short to fill the program. That's where wait-listed people come in im assuming, and there is no real way of telling until everyone chooses to reject or accept; then will Queen's know to accept more people or not depending on how many people accept or decline their offers.

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A photo of bennyandthejets bennyandthejets
Thank you so much!
That was very helpful :)

I hate to be a pain but could you help me out with my next issue than?

McMaster is my back up school and there residence deadline is June 2 with a 600$ deposit by 4:00 pm..... which does not help at all!
I really don't know what to do. As in should I ...accept to McMaster (so ill have some were to go next year) and miss the residence deadline to than maybe get an offer to Queens?

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A photo of PeoplesChamp PeoplesChamp
Well, I'm not too sure how this can work out, because it will notify Queen's on OUAC that you have accepted an offer other than there's and might revoke your wait list. What you can do is one of two options.

Option 1: Call Queen's, and ask how does the situation look for the people on wait-list. Given their response either good or bad you can determine whether or not you want to take the risk. If it looks bad accept the McMaster offer.

Option 2: Call Queen's and ask if accepting another offer will revoke your wait list status or will they still shoot you an offer. (Although, if you accept another offer than theirs I presume they would think your decided on that school, but don't quote me on this because their policy could be different and you should call to be sure.) If they WILL still give you an offer provided you accepted McMaster's then accept McMaster's offer meanwhile and wait for Queen's.

I'd say try option 2 first and call to see if it works out because it is the best of the two options if it can actually work. If not, then move onto option 1 and if they say it doesn't look good for people on wait-list or it's getting competitive for remaining spots its not going to be worth the risk to end up not going to university waiting for a Queen's offer.

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A photo of bennyandthejets bennyandthejets
Thank you for your help!
Queens sent me all the info I need today
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