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Wait-Listed for Image Arts: Film Production at Ryerson

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Hey guys,

I checked yesterday and my application went from pending review to wait-listed. I'm actually not too upset about it but more so happy that it wasn't a decline and the fact that I still have a chance. I'm stressed though because film is what I really want to do and I really want to go to Ryerson badly. I keep checking it constantly to see if it has changed.. haha. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten wait-listed?

I suppose I should accept another offer in the meantime, the deadline is approaching... I'm thinking I may do UTM for Communications Information Technology and take a bunch of media/film courses and then perhaps do the one year Advanced Television and Film degree at Sheridan.

I'm not too opposed to the idea, plus that degree may gain me more career opportunities. But still no matter what my heart is set on Ryerson :(
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