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Want to Study Finance, can anyone provide some info?

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I'm currently in high school (gr11). I would like to prepare/ understand my options before applying to a university. I am interested in finance so I would like to study that at university. I am interested in McGill's Finance course <here>. I know I can't attend this program right away. I will have to apply to BCom Undergraduate program <here> and then move up. I am a bit confused right now as I've never done this before (applying to university). Can someone explain to me how this whole application process works? I understand I have to submit an application and all that, but I would like to know how do I "move up" from the undergraduate (BCom) to Finance. I understand I'm not taking one course; I'm taking several courses, and then there's second year..and so on. So..any information you can provide will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
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