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WATER documentary

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Hi! I was recently showed this video on youtube about water. its this cool documentary that explains how the water molecule is still such a mystery to us today, and how it does things that we can't explain. so instance, when "i love you" was said to a glass of water, when it was frozen, beautiful crystals were formed. I just wanted to find out if this is really true, or just a hoax. I beleive the documentary is just called WATER, and here is the first clip on youtube:


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Before you read what other people and scientists are saying about it, really analyze the argument (I'm speaking of the water responding to "I love you" idea, the idea of Masaru Emoto). I can't watch the rest of the documentary, so I can't tell you about any of there other claims, but you should be doing something like below for every single one. Now, there are two things he could be claiming.

One, that water understands the positivity and negativity of our language, specifically the English language. Secondly, in understanding it, water responds to it by crystallizing beautifully and not beautifully. Firstly, what is a beautiful and what is an ugly crystal? Secondly, why is water understanding a human-made language? Did water learn English with us? How about when someone says something that's neither kind nor mean, like, "Water, can't we just be friends?"

The second claim he could be making is that there is something about the sound waves of positive English messages and the sounds waves of negative English messages that are distinguishable to water, and that it also physically responds differently in a positive or negative manner. Has he shown there to be something different between the sound waves of all positive English words and all negative English words? Has he shown the mechanisms by which water responds?

Neither of claims make any sense to me. But, logic can fail. Unfortunately for Masaru Emoto, there are genuine scientific criticisms of his work. You can find them by searching him up on Wikipedia.
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Is this thing with water some sort of new fad on here, or something?
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