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Waterloo - FARM or BBA/MATH

A photo of jennyau jennyau
Which program at waterloo is better?

And for the Math/CA program, which one would be a better alternative offer?

Edit: For example if Bob and Mary did not make it to Math/CA and there are two spots left in FARM and Math/BBa. Bob got a higher average than Mary. Will Bob be given the alternative offer to FARM or Math/BBA?
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Depends what you want.

I personally think BBA/Bmath is a lot better because it gives you more options while FARM is much more specific program that fast-tracks you to your CFA (Something you can get with your BBA/Math easily anyways).

I don't think there is a better alternate offer, they assessed what you applied for and your AIF.
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