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Waterloo , Mcgill - ARCHITECTURE

A photo of Beejeong Beejeong
What's goood?

I'm just an applicant who's applied to an Architecture program at Waterloo and McGill.

Is anyone else on the same boat as me?

I just need some advice/tips or information about this program.

I'm also really concerned about the School of Architecture and their boring building (30 mins away from the main campus in Waterloo)...

Anything you've got will be appreciated!

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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I have a friend in the Waterloo architecture program. She loves the program and she's gotten awesome co-op placements - right now she's in Miami and last work term she was in Amsterdam.
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A photo of Beejeong Beejeong
That's siickk.
Man, I'd love to go somewhere far away, it'd be a great experience..

Did she meet new people at the School of Architecture during her first year?
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