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Waterloo Acceptance Statistics

A photo of Urnehpets Urnehpets
I recently stumbled upon a website on the Waterloo site that showed admission data from the year 2010. It showed the number of applicants, number of acceptances and other useful information. I've been trying to find that damn page for 3 hours now, so I was wondering if any of you guys knew the site I was talking about, and could tell me.

Many thanks. :bom:
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A photo of Skyper Skyper
Is it this?

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A photo of Urnehpets Urnehpets
HaHA! Thanks!
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A photo of Theresa96 Theresa96
But i think the cut off mark of admission in this website is use final mark.
It mean it is lower than the mark(midterm) they offer.
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